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It is best to get help with your insurance claim BEFORE you contact your insurer

The information you initially provide them about your claim may have a significant bearing on how your insurer views your claim and can lead to problems or issues with getting a full settlement later on. Getting your initial contact with your insurer right is very important, and our experts at Certified Claims Management will provide the necessary assistance and advice with your insurance claim to ensure this is handled correctly.

When you make your insurance claim you will be visited by your insurer's loss adjuster whose job it is to evaluate the scope and cost of repairing the damage or reinstating the loss incurred. This loss adjuster is employed by the insurance company and, after visiting you, will look at the fine print of your policy with the view to minimising the amount of the claim settlement, wheras Certified Claims Management, acting on your behalf, will ensure that the full scope of your entitlement is addressed and that any problems or issues with your insurance claim are swiftly dealt with to your best interest.

Many property related insurance claims require the involvement and coordination of other expert services such as surveyors, contractors and solicitors, all of which can be a complex and time consuming task, often compounding an already difficult and stressful time. Our insurance claims management service will handle all aspects of your insurance claim and provide a single point of contact for everything from the initial "crisis management" to the completion and "signing off" of all related reinstatement work.

To avoid problems or issues with your insurance claim and to make sure you get the full entitlement from your insurance policy and effective resolution of your claim without difficulties or delays, appoint Certified Claims Management to handle your claim on your behalf. Contact us now to get the assistance of qualified insurance claims experts, we will remove the stress and confusion and ensure the best possible outcome of your claim. And remember, we operate a "no win, no fee" service.

Loss assessors help with water & flood damage insurance claims
Loss assessors help with fire damage insurance claims
Loss assessors help with storm & weather damage insurance claims
Loss assessors help with subsidence & structural damage insurance claims
Loss assessors help with burglary insurance claims
Loss assessors help with business interruption insurance claims

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Certified Claims Management - UK loss assessors helping with property related insurance claims, dealing with insurance company loss adjusters, maximising your payment, minimising settlement time and reducing hassle.

  • Fire damage
  • Water & flood damage
  • Storm damage
  • Subsidence
  • Burglary
  • Business Interruption
  • Bad Faith Insurance Practices
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Certified Claims Management are UK based specialist loss assessors in all aspects of insurance claims management and can assist in the preparation and presentation of all domestic and commercial insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, storm, water, burglary, impact damage, subsidence or blocked drains. We work to balance your insurance company's Loss Adjuster's goal of minimising the settlement offer. We are also experienced at exposing and dealing with "Bad Faith Insurance Practices". We work for both the public and businesses. Need advice? Call our team of loss assessors to discuss your insurance claim today on:

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